David O’Neal

David O’Neal is a master at manipulating dynamics and harmonies to add a marvelous, fascinating depth to the mosaic that is Mama Said String Band. David uses violin and voice to put forth a distinctive, inimitable sound charged with spontaneity and energy. Born in Wilmore, Kentucky, David has been playing violin for most of his life, eighteen years. David began his study of the violin under Ruth Ben-Ari and performed with various orchestras from 2005-2009; going on to form a band and pursue his own path with a number of singer-songwriters and various rock, country, EDM and punk bands from 2010-2015; the years since marking his entrance into “new grass” and folk music. David has a proclivity towards Si-Fi and fantasy novels, videogames, and history documentaries. His musical influences include, Chris Thile, Jesse Lacey, and Ben Gibbard. David has a special way of commanding his listeners to fully engage with what they’re hearing. His lyrical and vocal style endow one with intrigue and delight; pairing euphoniously with his ability to maneuver tempo and volume, while maintaining unusual harmonies. David’s fiddle should be considered the fifth voice in Mama Said String Band.